Our stone products range from several manufacturers to our own quarried Weymouth Granite which has built Boston College, Yale University, and numerous other projects. Stone has a natural beauty with a variety of colors and textures to it. From veneer stone to wall stone to bulk stone and treads we are only scratching the surface of what is available in our yard. Here you will find many photos and videos to introduce you to our products but it is always wise to visit our yard and see first hand the beauty and characteristics of our stone. Our products fit into three main categories;



Webster defines Stone as "A hard, solid substance found in the ground that is used in building".  Plymouth Quarries stocks many varieties of stone that may be the right fit for your project. Our stone varieties come in many different colors, textures, sizes and shapes. We at Plymouth Quarries are here to help you find the right stone options to consider for your needs. An investment of stone brings value not only to your home, but also to your lifestyle. Whether is for veneer, wallstone, a patio or walkway; Stone is a timeless, natural enhancement to any project.



Made of baked clay, brick has many colors and textures to it.  Some brick come cored, meaning it has holes in it, and others come solid. Cored brick are used for façade / facing  applications. Solids are mainly used for paving like walkways, stairs and patios. Brick brings a warmth and traditional look to any design.



Concrete has come a long way. Concrete products are available in a variety of wall and paving products. They are measured in PSI (pounds per square inch), some have a compressive strength over 12,000 psi, a tremendous strength for a man made product. Concrete allows for many options in colors, sizes and patterns. These products can be mixed with stone or brick to create unique and stunning designs.




The Exclusives Product line of Plymouth Quarries has been established with premium companies over many years. Our personal relationship with these companies guarantees you the best products and services available. Our exclusive products will add a unique beauty and character to your projects. Stop by our showrooms to see and touch them for yourself.