Install freestanding walls, knee walls, sitting walls, retaining walls, planters, tree rings, garden borders, columns and more. Create short or tall walls in straight, curved, serpentine or circular designs. Add a barbeque and fire pit, built-in outdoor kitchen and refreshment bar. Choose from several styles in colors that match or complement Cambridge Pavingstones to complete your landscape design.






Cambridge Maytrx Wall

photo – Sahara Chestnut Lite color

Cambridge Maytrx 6 has four different double-sided wall stones, designated A, B, X and Y.  Each Maytrx wall stone comes in a 6″ height in six different colors with a Split Face appearance. 

Build freestanding and retaining walls as well as steps, columns and more. Caps are also available. Corners are made by splitting existing units. A special pre-made Corner Wall Stone is now available with no spiting required.  




MaytRx 6 Wall Unit                            MaytRx 6 Corner                      Cambridge 6” Stretcher


Cambridge Maytrx Wall size diagrahm

Cambridge Maytrx Wall




SIGMA wall

photo – Toffee Onyx color

The Cambridge Sigma Wall System is built to the highest standards in height, tex-
ture, color and ease of use. The Sigma system was designed from contractor feed-
back. Professional Installers asked for a stone that would not hurt their back, a con-
nection system that was simple to use with no pins, a large wall system that
matched our Maytrx and Outdoor Living Kits and a wall that looked good in a resi-
dential backyard. The Sigma 6 incorporates our patent pending Double Knob System.
It installs as delivered with a 6 degree setback, or by knocking off the front set of
“break away” knobs to get “near vertical” alignment. The NEW Sigma line includes
large corner stones that create a great looking, strong corner.


Sigma Rennai8 lg

Sigma 8″Split face corner/8″ Ranaissance Corner     Sigma 8″Split face/8″ Ranaissance  

shown in Onyx/natural




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