Treads are used for tops of stone steps or brick steps as well as caps on walls.

A 2 inch thick stone product that comes in various widths, lengths and colors. The 2 inch edge of treads have different cuts and appearances to choose from.

Plymouth Quarries has one of the widest selections of stone treads, granite in over three varieties, brownstone, bluestone and limestone.




When you’re dealing with a stone tread that is 7 feet on up to 10 feet long you need to make sure you move it safely. The product is not cheap and you do not want to have a break. We have a boom that slides onto the forks of our forklifts with straps. The boom can move long treads safely for delivery and onto your trucks.

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Our Antique Granite Treads are used for the tops of steps, walls and for pool coping. This product is 2 inches thick and comes in various length and widths. It has a salt and pepper color to it with a rock face stage on the front and sides of the treads. You can see it at our location at Plymouth Quarries 410 Whiting St. in Hingham, Ma. Give us a call for pricing and any more information at (781) 335–3686

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Bluestone treads are 2 inches thick and come in various lengths and widths. They are used for the top of steps, walls and slabs of bluestone are used for fabricating hearths for fireplaces. This is a sedimentary stone that comes out of New York and Pennsylvania.

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This dense Granite Is a great stone for the tread of the step or the cap of a wall or platforms. It is 2 inches thick with a snapped edge, which gives it a rock face finish. These treads come pre-cut in with widths from 12 inches to 24 inches And lengths from 3 feet to 10 feet

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