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The Exclusives Product line of Plymouth Quarries has been established with premium companies over many years. Our personal relationship with these companies guarantees you the best products and services available. Our exclusive products will add a unique beauty and character to your projects. Stop by our showrooms to see and touch them for yourself.

H E A R T L A N D  S T O N E

Hearltand Stone 2 Papp

The Heartland Stone line is a pre-historic ocean floor product that has been forming in the land of Oklahoma for centuries. It is quarried in a variety of ways to create Flagging, Thin Veneer, Sheets, Table Tops, and Slabs. The colors are caramel, blue, gray, and lavender. Faces of the stone vary from a slight texture to rows of rippling waves.

In their own words Heartland describes their stone below:
“Heartland Stone Provides some of the most beautiful stone in the world for One-of-a-kind Creations. Our rock is hand selected and ready for your most demanding projects.”

F I R E  P L A C E  M A K E O V E R

Fireplace HeartlandStoneSm

From Danielle’s Blog showing a beautiful Heathland Stone Fireplace Makeover > see the entire story


 This is the Blue Fossil strip veneer using all of the fossil side.

IMG 1142Sm

Our exclusive Heartland Stone floor is made from a combination of pre-historic ocean floor stone and reclaimed 175 years young, old-growth western cedar.  The table is creating a big buzz when people see it in our showroom.


zYouTubeVideo26 Video Heartland Stone Veneer

zYouTubeVideo26 Heartland Stone Intro Video


zYouTubeVideo26 Heartland Stone Tile Thin Veneer Video

IMG 3976Sm

Heartland Stone Tile Thin Veneer sample featured in our showroom

zYouTubeVideo26 Video Heartland Stone Slab Video


Raw texture of a Heartland Stone slab

IMG 3872

Amazing color transitions in Heartland Stone

zYouTubeVideo26 Video Heartland Stone Flagging

zYouTubeVideo26 Sheets of Heartland Stone Video

IMG 3953

Close up showing some of the unique colors and textures of Heartland Stone


Heartland Stone table top

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