Plymouth Quarries has firepit kits as well as all the natural stone and brick products for a custom firepit design.

FIREPIT KITS overview video zYouTubeVideo26


PLYMOUTH QUARRIES Used Granite Firepit kit, customizable size & color

PLYMOUTH QUARRIES used granite firepit kit video zYouTubeVideo26


PLYMOUTH QUARRIES Recycled Granite Square Firepit kit, available in 3 colors

PLYMOUTH QUARRIES recycled granite square firepit kit video zYouTubeVideo26


IDEAL SCAPESTONE Firepit kit with 3 piece cap (caststone sold seperately), available in 2 colors

IDEAL SCAPESTONE firepit video zYouTubeVideo26


UNILOCK SUNSET Firepit kit, available in 2 colors

UNILOCK SUNSET firepit kit video zYouTubeVideo26


UNILOCK ROMANSTACK Firepit kit, available in 2 colors

UNILOCK ROMANSTACK firepit kit video zYouTubeVideo26






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