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W E Y M O U T H   G R A N I T E

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Close Up of Weymouth GraniteSm725Weymouth Granite is the most durable of all building granites. There is hardly a town of any size in the east, and many in the west, that does not have at least one outstanding building made of it. The stone for many Yale University, University of Michigan, and Boston College buildings past and current, is from Plymouth Quarries LLC and the J.F. Price Co. Weymouth Granite comes in thin veneer as well as 4" and 6" full veneer.

Weymouth Granite has been quarried since the 1800’s. The vein of Weymouth parallels the Weymouth and Hingham town lines. The seamface of the stone carries the bolder colors with a smoother texture while the splitface of the stone is muted in tone with a rougher texture. This mix of cuts creates the unique look of Weymouth Granite with a wide range of shapes and sizes.


Yale University built with Weymouth Granite



New Weathervane Hill Clubhouse entrance featuring Weymouth Granite

zYouTubeVideo26  Fabricating Weymouth Granite Video

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    Fulton Hall at Boston College