Our goal of manufacturing our own thin stone line is now a reality.  With the purchase of The Whisper Thin Stone machine we are creating the PQ Thin Stone line.  These stones are cut from our full bed options that are indiginous to our area.  They come in flats and corners. We are excited to bring you this new line of products from our back yard to your project.


H U M A R O C K  B L E N D

This natural round fieldstone is a blend of colors and sizes. The colors are brown, gold, blue, and gray. This comes in flats and corners.


PQthinStoneVideoSmzYouTubeVideo26 PQ Thin Stone Video








Y A N K E E  M O S I A C

A rare blend of granites and fieldstones giving you a full color range and texture to build with. With a wide ratio of sizes this stone option is one of the more rustic and unpredictable choices.


YankeeMosiacVideoSmzYouTubeVideo26 PQ Yankee Mosiac Video